Политика за сигурност

Who we are?

We are a nonprofit social network named ''The Social UK''. The network is providing simple user to user connection, made for you an in help of UK business with our free options to boost your advertising online plus SEO of your website. This website is public and free to use.

About your info published in ''The Social UK'' website

We do NOT collect your data but, it is public because the website is publicly accessible. We do suggest to not provide any sensitive information. If you are a business owner and you provide your business info is another thing and again is if you wish. WE do not take apart if there is a conflict on our website and will not help you in the court as we are NOT an organization! This website is created from freelancers for free use from users and more help for the business and SEO specialists or Writers than the ordinary user. Basically, if you don't want no one to know your birth date, name, address or else, simply do NOT share it! You are welcome to register with a business name too. We hope users under 18 will not use this website. Also, as a dating service, as it is illegal and it is not the purpose of ''The Social UK'' website. All users that violate the good tone, advertise illegal or adult things, offening other users are going to be blocked. Selling illegal things is also not allowed.


When do we share personal data?

We will share only business-related data as business pages, groups, ads, classified ads, SEO professional's data like copywriting ( articles - business or non-business-related ) and other of their activity. All ordinary user profiles will not be shared, but remember that they are still publicly visible!

Where do we store and process personal data?

Only here on this website's database.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

As long as you keep your profile. When you delete it no data is left in our website's database.

Hide some info

There are some options in your profile that you can hide some things, you should check them too. Click the three dots close to your name, click on ''General Setting'', then ''Security'' and click on ''Privacy''. You can choose to be or not be indexed by search engines, hide some data, block user groups or users at all for some things, etc.

What you should avoid

Since like we already said The Social Uk is not a dating or any similar thing like website. Here you should not write to each other sensitive things, adult chatting, things that may compromise your deals in any way. Simply contact and obtain each other reliable and useful information. You can exchange other contact methods for more deep conversations or whatever you have to say to someone ( beyond a normal conversation similar to the one you do on public places..., like the street ) outside this website. The chats are not publicly visible off course, the data is also invisible for admins as the platforms provide encryption for passwords and private messages. BUT still it is not right and in many cases, it could be illegal if you do something bad and harm or offense someone from here!

How to contact us?

Use the form here: https://5ocial.uk/contact-us

Use of cookies and other technologies

Cookies the website uses do not provide any third-party data except when you use the Social Media login method and google maps implemented inside the platform. They don't send any data or whatever anywhere else. Cookies mostly sit on your machine and they are generated automatically based on your profile settings and are used from your browser to log in faster, navigate or else providing you faster experience on the website plus related advertisings based on your profile data provided. So the cookies are mostly used to improve your browsing experience, but they do not send us any data back, it stays in your machine until you empty your cache or they simply expire.